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Calgary Furnished Vacation Rental House

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Calgary Inkjet Cartridges. Quality inexpensive compatible inkjet cartridges with free personal delivery on a set, in Calgary. We will mail anywhere in North America for postage costs.


Calgary Inkjet is a division of


My name is Art and I live in Calgary. That's me and my wife Adele in the banner on the top. 

I've always  done a fair amount of printing on my inkjet printer. With the high prices of ink I was always looking around for a better deal. Well I found it, and I want to pass on the savings to you.

Some of my customers include home business owners, realtors, people
who run small corporations, salesmen, accountants, web-designers, and
the home computer user. My customers really appreciate that I personally deliver the inkjet cartridges directly to them, and because of my extensive computer knowledge and background in installation and electronics, I can even help them with trouble shooting their printers if they are having
problems. Printers are multi-process machines, so there are many
things that can go wrong with them.

There's one very important thing to note if you are purchasing a new
computer. Consider the price of a new set of ink. You may get that HP
for twenty bucks less than the Canon, but how much are replacement ink

I always recommend Canon, our quality compatible cartridges are only
$8 each. At that price it's not worth the fuss and mess of refilling
them yourself. I look for a Canon printer that uses 4 BCI-3 cartridges (black and the 3 color cartridges) The reason is this, the BCI-3 black cartridge is twice as big as the BCI-6 black cartridge used in the 6 cartridge "Photo" printers but the 4 cartridge photo printing is still great. So for the most economical printing and great photo's I recommend a 4 cartridge Canon printer.

When you purchase compatible color ink cartridges you need to ensure
that you are getting the right kind of ink for your machine. There are
many different shades of yellow ink. There are many different shades
of BLACK for that matter. And there are many different viscosities
(thickness) - even among printers bearing the same brand name! Make
sure you are getting quality ink, not a cheap alternative. Our
cartridges are guaranteed quality for less than brand name prices.

To find your inkjet cartridge click on a logo to the left. You will  find our price list and a cartridge to printer cross reference under that.  To contact us email  or call 403-830-1123

Art's House of Ink does not distribute Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges. We provide  Premium Inkjet Compatible Cartridges and Premium Remanufactured and Tested Cartridges. Guaranteed to perform as well as the more expensive originals but at great savings to you!



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Calgary Furnished Vacation Rental House

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